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True 3D Displays

Thursday, September 18th, 1997

3D Technology Labs is developing a true 3D display, where the "image" actually exists in three dimensional space. Unlike typical computer screens, viewers can walk around the display and view the image from all sides.

The display works by using multiple infrared lasers to sweep through a glass cube specially treated with rare earth ions, which are excited by absorbing the laser engergy. When the ions return to the unexcited state, they give off light at a particular voxel. The images is redrawn 30 to 60 times a second, resulting in a clear image.

Dr. Downing will be talking about this technology for viewing true, moving 3D images in a small glass cube. The talk will discuss various chemical species and material systems in which this phenomenon works (and doesn't work), system integration and architecture issues, features of this type of volumetric display (vs say rotating ones), and application areas for this emerging technology.

Dr. Downing received her B.S., in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. She received both an M.S. and Ph.D., in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University.

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